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Milltek Sport Exhaust For BMW M2 Comp

Milltek Sport has just taken the wraps off a slew of performance exhaust options designed for one of the standout performance cars of the decade, the BMW M2 Competition. The exhaust expert's latest offering encompasses all its hard won expertise within this hugely challenging field, and the end result is a range that promises to bring added performance and a more polished, aggressive exhaust note to the baby Beemer. This system differs from the standard M2, and uses a unique backbox, optimized for the flow rates and back pressures required for that model.

British built quality looks good under a German car, no?

The modular nature of Milltek Sport's latest offering gives customers complete freedom to specify the exhaust system that best suits their car, needs and taste. In practice this means that customers can opt to have a cat-back system, plus a wide selection of stunning exhaust trim tips. It also means that whatever the customer wishes to get from their new exhaust system, Milltek Sport is well placed to deliver.

Tasteful, OEM+ looks combined with a superb soundtrack

The fitment options for the M2 by Milltek Sport begin with a quartet of 63.5mm cat-back systems, all made to the exacting standards that have become something of a Milltek hallmark. All 4 come with twin valves, the second one electronic and located within the rear silencer where it's able to influence the sound of the car meaning that, when combined with Milltek's ValveSonic+ system, owners can have complete control over the note generated by their exhaust.

Flexi-joints allow for engine movements without issue. Whole system is beautifully engineered

All 4 Milltek Sport cat-back systems feature a flexible front connecting pipe, left and right hand connecting pipes, a Hollowtek valved rear silencer with extended wiring loom and actuator, and a choice of 4 distinct tail trim options, all 90mm in diameter. The options are all stunning and will look perfect poking out from the rear valance of the M2, and owners can opt for a quartet of burnt Titanium, Cerakote black, Polished, Carbon or Titanium trims.

Plenty of trim options available - so you can really make it your own

No matter which cat-back system the customer opts to go for, all come with a number of standout features and design traits, with Milltek's legendary Hollowtek technology, a process which has been shown to provide a truly jaw-dropping, drone-free exhaust note through the careful shaping of chambers, silencer casings and reflection plates, being but one example. All 4 cat-back options are constructed from high quality 304L steel with a wall thickness of 1.2mm, a reduction which has a correspondingly large impact on the total weight of the Milltek Sport system, an important consideration on a car of this nature.

Nicer noise, better power, superb looks. What's not to like?

Obviously the BMW M2 Competition is a highly desirable, wonderfully designed and manufactured car, one that demands that any aftermarket product bolted to it be at least as well engineered as the OE equivalent, and the Milltek Sport cat-back exhaust more than delivers in this respect. Not only is it made from aerospace grade stainless steel, but it can be offered in either ‘Race’ or ‘EC approved’ set-ups, to mirror the owner’s desire for power and noise, or a balance of both with a warranty-friendly fitment.

Wouldn't you like this little combination right now?

Milltek Sport's latest exhaust fitment options are the result of an involved research and development process, one that's resulted in some of the most complete offerings currently available for the BMW M” Competition, and which promise to be key components within the already impressively large M-car tuning scene. The system and its various permutations offer demonstrable gains in performance, a suitably evocative, aggressive exhaust note, and is backed up by Milltek's legendary attention to detail and commitment to design excellence. More detail can be found on the Milltek Sport website.

Prices from £2583.00 (Cat Back)