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MIMMS - The Ultimate Honda Experience

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First some background.

The 'Meet'

To most UK drivers Mimms is simply a rest stop, a large service station where the A1, Great North road, meets with the London orbital, the M25.

Photo courtesy of en.wikipedia.org

But in 2009 Honda aficonados began to transform this rest stop and South Mimms service station took on a new mantle, becoming a focal point for Honda addicts.

Each year the gathering of Hondas grew. Word spread with clubs crossing the channel to attend. UK Hondas mixed with French, Belgian and Dutch counterparts, as well as an Irish contingent.

Photo courtesy of s2kuk.com - A convoy, UK S2000 members club converge on Mimms.

Mimms was growing. In 2013 not only was the entire main car park consumed by Hondas, but, space usually reserved for Lorries and Coaches was also filled.

Photo courtesy of s2kuk.com - Mimms meet 2013.

2013 was the last time the service station played host to this Honda meet, but the name was to live on.

From 'Meet' to 'Show'

The passion for Honda was strong and the motorway service station outgrown. So the 'Meet' became the 'Show' with track venues laid on for Hondas to amass.

Mimms Honda Day was born.


Though no longer by the A1/M25 the Mimms name was kept on, synonymous as it was with the Honda H.

Rear shot of the stunning S660 - the ultimate Kei car.

Roll on to 2018 and the tour I promised.

Mimms Honda - Christmas Special, 2018

The night before saw torrential rain, roads wet and less than kind to a freshly waxed car. Yet the Hondas arrived and they properly shined.

For a small winter show this was an impressive gathering.

Mimms Honda Christmas Special, 2018 - Stoneleigh Park

At this point I'd usually start flooding the article with a lot of pictures, (see my Japanese Performance Show article), however, if you don't mind I'd like to serve up some video. I'm no videographer and all footage is via a Samsung S7 Edge, stabilised with a newly acquired phone gimble and edited with Windows Movie Maker. Soundtrack, all I can say is if you don't like replace with a tune of your choice.

The Tour

A selection from the 'Show & Shine' section, I'll leave you to name the cars on show:

So many cars I missed, but hopefully you gained a flavour of Honda excellence, be it OEM or full on modified.

Kei Car Love

Did you like the S660 in the previous video? If yes here's a short montage for another dose of cute.

I did fall completely for the adorable S660 - I really want one.

The Walk Through

At nine minutes this one is for the Honda die hard as I walk through both halls and sample the Honda's on show.

The standard and passion throughout is consistently high and a parting thought, the FN2 TypeR, worth a second look, the underated R looked consistently epic and obviously I was partial to the DC5 Integra.

I'll leave you with one final shot. Post show and members of LudeGeneration line up, though only two came in Preludes, oops.

A mini LudeGeneration line up at Stoneleigh Park

JDM SiR S-Spec & UKDM Motegi Prelude line up with the diminutive S660 and the luxury of a JDM Honda Elysion.

Mimms returns in 2019, March 31st at Santa Pod Raceway and the Motegi Prelude wants to come out and play again. The meet at Stoneleigh Park was such a good day and a return to Mimms is a must.

Hope you enjoyed this personal Honda pilgrimage.

Thanks for reading/viewing,