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Mindless overtake costs driver his boat

Be careful on the roads this Christmas

It's nearly Christmas and we know that Aussie and Kiwi holidaymakers will be hitting the road with their boat, caravan or a trailer of some sort. Remember to take extra care when towing a load, a lesson that this driver learnt the hard way.

The impatient ute driver was in some sort of rush and went for a dangerous overtaking maneuver which ended up costing him his boat. Through the GPS speedometer built into the dashcam, we can see that the car following the ute is doing about 100 km/hr which is 10 less than the national speed limit in Australia. A figure that some would consider to be too slow for the open road. One would have thought that the driver was in a rush to catch the tide and so he pulled out of the cue and went for the overtake.

As the driver drastically increases their speed, the boat can be seen fishtailing a little bit with the effect only becoming worse as the speed went up. Eventually, the trailer collided with the railing of the bridge which sent the boat flying ahead and ended up putting the ute on its side. The boat traveled for a whopping 20 metres before coming to a stop! The crash caused a closure of both the lanes. Luckily, no one was hurt but we could only hope that this driver is seriously mulling over their actions. We can only hope that other driver see this and learn from it as a move like this could not only have cost the driver their life but also oncoming traffic.


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