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Mini Cooper announces the price for the Mini Cooper SE

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Mini Cooper announced a price for its electric car. It has been priced at $29,900 base model plus an additional $850 destination fee and will be available (in dealers) in March 2020. It is reasonable but, for the performance of it gives, this might be a lot of money.

But, don't discount the base model for not having any gadgets or gizmos, it comes with many standard features. The list provided is below.

Screenshot from Mini News's press release.

..Thats a lot of standard in the base price..

To my surprise, I see leatherette upholstery on the seats, as well as heated seats, LED lighting, keyless access, navigation and a touchscreen display, cruise control, rear view cameras and heated mirrors. Well it is not a premium luxury car, but for 30,000 this is more than what other companies offer.

But, with all the comforts it does put a toll on performance. It accelerates from 0-60 mph in 6.9 seconds. It has a 181 electric equivalent of hp, The ICE mini cooper S has 189, so you get pretty much the same feel.

But, the range makes this car really seem like an alternate. The range is between 146 and 168 miles (WLTP, EPA is not yet declared) which is not a Tesla, but it is much cheaper than the Tesla. To think of it, the range it delivers is more than enough, the average EV driver averages 33 miles a day, so this is no less a daily driver.

The price and the stuff you get for it is the party piece of this EV. I say this because everyone, me included expected the price of this car to be above $40,000. I personally feel this is a good deal because you get a EV with adequate range and more than adequate features all in the base price of the car.

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  • It is cool, but come on! Classic mini! Is the way to go!

    9 days ago
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  • The range is a little underwhelming but as you said its pretty much perfect for your daily commuter car. I'd definitely get this for my daily if I was in the market.

    13 days ago
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    • That nice to know, usually people just say I will get a tesla

      13 days ago
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    • I've never been interested in Tesla mostly because of their fit and finish. So many cars come off the line with many panel gaps. And I know of a Tesla owner getting stuck in his Model X...

      Read more
      12 days ago