- Mini Cooper SE. Pic credit: BMW Group

Mini Cooper SE has 78,000 and counting orders

1w ago


Mini Cooper SE is one affordable EV with a lot of standard features in the base model. Thanks to its pricing, which is a significant sum lesser than the Model 3 it has generated a lot of interest. This interest has led it to have 78,000 orders worldwide.

I really understand why people would want this car. It starts at $29,900, its standard features are optional in other cars, the car is perfect for urban driving and the range is enough for daily usage. With BMW engineering and Mini design this is the perfect little urban daily drive - what a Mini is meant to be, just that this will have more torque.

Is this impressive for a EV that will be available after 5 months?

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Comments (4)
  • Goes to show the EV market is booming. The cheaper vehicles always sell like hotcakes. Electric or combustion.

    12 days ago
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  • Cool car! Love it in racing green. Though where I live it starts from 39000€ in a decent spec. Thats nearly the Tesla Model 3s price. I hope they'll lower the price..

    12 days ago
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