Mini coopers are great, but...

I mean, have You ever seen a completely stock Mini?

4y ago

True story. I know a guy, Mike, he's 60 years old and has always driven generic late model sedans. Two weeks ago, he showed up at my shop driving a brand new MINI Countryman S and asked me how to make it faster. I don't think this guy had ever put a bumper sticker on a car but for some reason, he was determined to do whatever he could to void his MINI warranty. So we ordered an AFE drop in, charge pipe, milltek cat/exhaust, and a pair of (I shit you not) Union Jack mirror covers.

Mike is already planning a trip to M7 in North Carolina to get a tune...

What is it about the MINIs that make them completely impossible to leave stock? They're well appointed right off the lot, and BMW did a good job of injecting enough of their engineering to make them drivers cars, but for some reason everyone changes them. Between MINI's dealer installed options and a surprisingly well developed aftermarket, MINI owners have a ton of choices when it comes to customizing their cars. And boy, do we customize

Maybe the inherent counterculture aspect of the brand lends itself to individuality and inevitable customization. Maybe MINI's awesome driving experience encourages the inner gearhead in even the most vanilla of owners. Maybe I'm completely wrong about all of this and MINIs just plain suck and need to be changed to be made drive-able. Whatever the reason, I dare you to try to find a MINI that hasn't been modified.

So tell me, why did you customize your MINI? What's your favorite mod? Feel free to comment and post and connect with other MINI tuners, though really aren't all MINI owners tuners in one way or another?

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  • @travis Thanks for the input on the JB+ tune! I too really like the burble from the exhaust I got spoiled with that from my r53

      4 years ago
  • @greg, the JB+ is definitely worth it!! My favorite change BY FAR is the 2nd cat/resonator delete, it cost me $60 and gave it a great subtle sound and really amped up the decel pops in sport mode.

      4 years ago
  • Nice post Travis. I have been thinking of getting a Burger Tuning JB+ Tune for my 2013 R56, and maybe some other goodies down the road.

      4 years ago