Mini have been rather quiet lately.

So I decided to check them out and see what ever happened to the famous British Hatch masters.

I don't think Mini get quite as much of the recognition they deserve anymore. I feel like they've sort of slipped away. It's not that their cars got worse, if anything I believe they've gotten better. But they've become what I would perhaps describe as novelties. And everyone loves a Mini, or at least they should. I decided to check out Mini's latest model range, because they are awesome. But keep this picture in mind when we take a look at the little brits of today, because this is what made them who they are, and what made me and many others fall for them in the first place.

They is a real cool car. An epic car, even. Mini's are getting bigger, they are packed full of useful (and some useless) tech stuffffff. They go vroom vroom fast. And they look awesome. But this is the real Mini, the original.....Mini. Today we see a number of offers from our favourite hatch makers (ok my favourite hatch makers). We start with what is probably the best one.

Mini Cooper S:

This one's mine. Well, as far as online configurations go it is. It's simply amazing. Very, very awesome. Brilliant style, easily my favourite for the current hatchback market. Because this one is modern, and yet steeped in history, and is wonderful. It's also very patriotic.......cuz cars can be patriotic now apparently. It's definetely the best of the lineup for me anyway. It is the definition of creative and quirky. Visual evidence now courtesy of the interior pics.

Mini Electric:

Anyone else REALLY bothered by those wheels? I know I am. But beyond that it's all the Mini we know and love, just with the gentle and soothing hum of the electric motor. Something I have found myself very much a fan of in recent times. I don't have a lot more to say about it, other than yay for a solid looking future from Mini! And when I say solid I mean very hopeful because it's winning a lot of awards and is getting a lot of great press lately too.

Mini Countryman:

Ah, good ol' controversy. It's been a blast, but I must say goodbye to the 'mostly' very pleasant Drivetribe public upon releasing my statement of love for this car. YES, it may be seen as the pinnacle of hypocrisy to badge a car this large a Mini, but there's really method to the madness. So sit back down loudmouth, and hear me out. It is big for a Mini, but for its class (if it even has a class) it carries the name quite well. It's a car for MANY terrains, and happy four or five person families to enjoy life in. That is normally the territory hit up by the modern Crossover or possibly even some modern SUVs. So yes, it remains the smol kid on the block. And I like it, cuz if all else fails it really looks the part, which don't lie is really key.

Mini Ugly, a.k.a Mini Clubman:

Now, I am not one to share my opinion often (😉), but this is an awful car. Imagine buying a Mini for space. I mean at that you really should just put on the dunce hat and go sit in the corner, because honestly that is hilarious. I don't expect you all to get this, but I think that is one of the worst looking cars of 2020. And do judge a book by its cover, because does anyone even like it anyway? If you do please contact me at As we know I've never taken to the estate car as it is. But I have mellowed for some over the past while. God forbid......even liked some. This though, is pathetic and I do not accept its existence. Just let me have my sulky moment, thanks.

So yes, do not fear people. Mini are okay, in fact they are great for the most part. Their wonderful cars still retain the 'I've just seen a ghost' expression and that's reassurance enough for me that all is in good hands. Past is good, present is good, and future we are promised is good too. Good. All is good. Great!

Thanks for reading, the exit's that way, just by the 'bump' button, conveniently.


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Comments (23)

  • Clubman is weird cos it looks like it has a face on its arse as well as at the front 🤣 It’s like that guys from the Harry Potter film with 2 faces 🤣 While I don’t like that much, if I ever had kids I’d sell my Cooper and get a clubman cos it’s a way of still getting that mini driving feel without having to saw the kids legs off to fit them in the back. S models have some pace too.

      1 month ago
  • I'm running a Mini Clubman as my daily from November… because I wanted a Mini but also need the space 😆

      4 months ago
  • The only proper mini is the classic mini all others are fake and not even small

      4 months ago
  • Other than in Europe, I don’t think people buy hot/semi-luxurious hatchbacks unless they have another car. Me for example, hatchbacks are my favorite cars but I wouldn’t have bought my GTI if I didn’t already have another car. As you said, whether it’s a Mini, GTI, A35 or a Fiesta ST, they’re novelties for car enthusiasts and petrol heads. Non-car people would always prefer buying bigger and less powrful cars for the same amount of money.

      4 months ago
  • The classic Mini is obviously the best. The early new Minis were alright, there was quite a lot of Peugeot in them (that’s good btw) but they were overpriced. The second generation (I think 2006-2013) were alright but BMW had replaced some of the good Peugeot bits with bad BMW bits (such as the indicator switches). The generation after that were fat, ugly, overpriced and covered in union flags (they looked liked very middle class, conservative voting, selfish mums were the main/target market for them). They also have the downsides of BMWs (stupid indicators, relatively unreliable and expensive parts) without any of the benefits (style and RWD)

      4 months ago
    • Minis have never been rwd

        4 months ago
    • I know. They don’t have the benefits of BMW (the style and the RWD, Minis don’t have that, that’s what I’m saying)

        4 months ago