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Mini is considering an electric John Cooper Works GP for 2022

Is this the beginning of electric hot hatches?

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By 2030, Mini will be a fully electric brand. While the current range of the British carmaker has only one electrified model, the Cooper SE, it will gradually expand towards this trend as the deadline approaches.

As a result, the brand's management is beginning to decide which cars will be discontinued and which models will make the electric transition for the next decade. While the arrival of a future electric SUV is clearly not out of the question, the possibility of an electric John Cooper Works GP is also being considered.

Unveiled last month, the Mini Electric Pacesetter concept will be the new safety car for the upcoming Formula E championships. According to rumors, the Mini Electric Pacesetter is not expected to stop at the racetrack and could make its way to public roads via a future series production model.

It is possible that the car will arrive in the brand's dealerships as early as 2022 as a special limited edition to judge the model's reception by the public. The vehicle is expected to have around 300 PS and use lightweight materials to compensate for the extra weight of the batteries.

Photo credits Mini

Photo credits Mini

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  • Why don't they stop buggering about and build an electric Mini with some decent RANGE? These damn fool contraptions are just fluff and nonsense. Build. A. Proper. Mini! Make a car we can afford to buy, that can go where we want to go. This is SIMPLE STUFF! This is yet more evidence of a truly bloody awful team of pillocks in charge at BMW. Kick them out, they're useless. Get in some competent, skilled people, who know what they're doing and can design and build a decent lineup of products. The current pile of posturing crap will sink the stupid Company. Luxury cars that look like gargoyles. Minis that can barely travel far enough to leave the garage they're parked it and hundreds of millions of Euros pissed up the wall of dead end technologies.

      24 days ago