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Mini John Cooper Works GP: This hot hatch is made to throw around a racetrack

Only 2 seats, more aero, very light and way faster than the standard JCW...

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I will be honest hot hatches are the most fun vehicles to throw around town. There is nothing as pure and simple as these little beasts, and thats what MINI did again with the John Cooper Works GP, this time also made it to take to the track.

..306 hp, 331 lb-ft torque & no electronically limited top speed...

The JCW GP is the most powerful engine ever produced by Mini. It is a 4 cylinder TwinPower turbocharged engine that produces 306 hp and 331 lb-ft of torque. This is 75 hp more than the standard Mini JCW. The transmission is an Automatic - 8 speed Steptronic sports transmission, the same one you get in a BMW Z4, some Audi's, Astons and Bentleys, so it is good. This allows you to accelerate from 0-60mph in 5.2 seconds and top out at 164 mph (265 kmph) which is not electronically limited.

The chassis is lowered by 10 mm as compared the standard JCW. The brakes are model specific, made by Mini, probably are shared from a BMW. The wheels are 18 inch alloys that weigh less than 9 kgs each - that is impressive. You get model specific front and rear aprons which help in aero and to add to aero trickery you get a roof spoiler with a double wing contour. This allows the spoiler to make the most amount of downforce while having the least amount of drag - very clever. The exhaust is straight pipe and comes out to two 90 mm wide stainless steel matt brushed tips to make the soundtrack awesome.

...lot of weight loss on the interior but no loss of tech...

To reduce weight, this is big, they have used carbon fibre reinforced plastic, this is because it allows them to have sustainable use of resources. The raw material is a refined material that is recycled from the production of the BMW i3 and i8. They have used the material for on the wheel arches and this is exposed with a Matt coat on it. Also, you see weight shedding on the interior. There are only two seats the rear seats are removed. The acoustic insulation is lesser and the seats are covered in Dinamica/leather combination. Behind the seats there is a cross brace this also serves as a barrier for luggage items to slip ahead when you suddenly brake.

But, the tech is a complete package - automatic climate control, navigation plus package, telephony with wireless charging and an alarm system, with the 6.5 inch screen in the centre console. There is a 5 inch screen behind the steering wheel that reads speed, revs and other info both in numbers and analogue as you like it to be see.

...This model has limited examples...

This model you see a lot of GP logos and they are all over the car, I don't want to count them, but the folks at Mini do enjoy letting you know that you own a JCW GP car. The car like every highest performance edition of a car is limited to 3000 examples globally. On the front Carbon fibre reinforced plastic wheel arches the example number from 1 to 3000 will be put on it.

How impressive is performance with all of the above? The GP has already been put through its paces around the Nürburgring and did it in less than eight minutes - half a minute faster than the standard JCW - this car is already impressive enough for me.

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