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      A look at the classic Mini in multiple scales (HotSixty4th Greenlight Tiny Hot wheels)

      Well this blog is taking me weeks to finish as every time I go back after a few days pause Drivetribe would froze so if you are able to see this post then I made it to the finish line. Yay!

      The classic Mini was designed by Sir Alec Issigonis for BMC (British Motor Corporation) and was produced from 1959 until 2000. The car was so popular with the British that even the Fab 4 of the Beatles have their own customized Minis by Harold Radford owner of the Harold Radford (Coach builders) Limited sited in South Kensington, London. Even movie producers took notice of them and made them stars of their own with the late 60s movie 'The Italian Job' which I've written about it back in September. For a more recent movie featuring the classic Mini, we have 'The Bourne Identity' with Jason Bourne driving one during a chase sequence.

      Now let's take a look at the Minis in multiple scales.

      Let's start with the Mini by Hot Wheels under their Forza series.

      The Hot Wheels version has a removal body where you are able to see the interior. This feature was also available on their mainline before it was converted into a plastic base and is permanently sealed. This is really great for wheel swapping without removing the wheels with your other HW Minis. This British racing livery reminds of the 60s James Bond movie where James Bond and the Bond girl enters a racing track while being chase by the bad guys and ended up side by side with a Mini. Although it is considered a 1/64 the true scale for this is somewhere around 1/55

      Next is a Mini from the Hong Kong company called Tiny.

      Tiny is relatively a new company compared to Mattel yet the quality of their casting although not as refine as TLV is definitely not far away for a lot less. They produced multiple scales mostly related to vehicles used in Hong Kong however not all of their boxes or casting has any scale listed on it. They also make dioramas of the city of Hong Kong. As for this casting it has opening doors and hood. It has inserted headlights, plastic chassis and tires. Although not stated on the package, this one looks like a Gulf livery. It comes in a box with blister padding that is almost like a TLV. The scale for this is probably around 1:50

      Now for the Greenlight.

      Greenlight released 3 of the 1/43 Minis during the 50th anniversary of 'The Italian Job' movie by replicating the 3 Minis used by Charlie Croker and his gang of thieves while the 1/64 version were released this year. I commend Greenlight for giving us what I perceive to be accurate on their respective scale models. The 1/43 has inserted headlights while the 1/64 has painted. However even with painted headlights, the 1/64 does not look a bit less appealing or realistic. Unlike the other manufacturers these do not have any opening features and surprisingly the 1/64 do roll at lot smoother while the 1/43 has a bit of hesitant on it.

      Now if you remember from my previous post on 'The Italian Job' that there are some significant meaning on the license plates used in the movie. Well here it is. HMP stands for Her Majesty's Prison with 729G referring to Charlie Croker's prisoner number. GPF stands for Grand Prix Flag from Fred Emney's line. LGW stands for London Gatwick (the airport).

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