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Meant to be a friendly alternative to the Neon ACR, R/T package versions gave you some go with a side of stripe. ACRs were like an economical automotive B2 bomber in that fellow motorists never sensed a stirring thunder in this little bubble that blended so seamlessly into traffic's flow. It was when the pilot had all the switches up and your blood nearly froze mid-pump that proved size be but a trivial debate regarding prowess.

In an R/T, people could see at least one switch already engaged with this bright finish. Although the paint would surely fail inside half a decade, the clap-worthy performance could accelerate the peeling process. On the best of days expect 150 horsepower from one of these cute freaks. That was enough twenty years ago to run in the front of the compact sedan segment. Really this still beats some four cylinder propelled cars produced today possibly on weight more than sheer pep because this was at the tail-end of light car building.

We're Dodge and we know not everyone has the fortune of wrangling a Viper so let's make a bitchin' small car that Jimmy of the quad can drive. He wears well traveled flip flops maintained by duct tape strap repairs and sole reinforcement, but he's comfortable. He's entered overtime on getting that degree, choosing to spend his time with a loaded Budweiser and lyric notebook beneath the lone tree outside of the dormitory. While Jimmy wants to be a mechanical engineer, he knows very little about even his own little Neon. He says, "It's got two doors like I have hands, and it goes "PaLuNk" over big bumps like me after a hard charge at Taco Bell."

While Jimmy and his Neon begin to rust by the salt of time and life becomes a chore in some stagnant brine, both carry on committed to themselves no matter how many involuntary leaks arise. They're beat down by big fish quotas. Few of these innocent beings remain for their creator's lack of consideration has all but swallowed independent movement. Soon Jimmy will be constricted in a suit behind a picture-cluttered desk wondering where all his good time went. The automotive equivalent, Neon, never had its own chance to grow up let alone fall victim to the forceful change from humanity. It had death with severely limited liberty.

The brief Dart revival doesn't exactly count as round two on the compact car try because you've got to build up and out upon a concept rather than let it flounder under Hellcat fat. We can't all be so unpretentious all of the time like Jimmy, but we can observe cars like the Neon R/T which serve as steel simpletons just the same. Take a small car, juice it a bit for pleasure, and make your bread and butter. If there's an immediate engineering fault then perform your assigned task to repair it because that's what a mature manufacturer does. Save what's learned from this marketing philosophy for the next Viper song. Nothing lasts indefinitely without invested care. To the folks at Chrysler: Don't be a Jimmy and wall yourself in. There's always been another way.

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