M​ini used a Budweiser can as an exhaust tip

Y​es, a can of Budweiser was used!

7w ago


R​ecently, I was talking to someone that worked in the motor trade and I was discussing BMW with them. Mini soon came on scene and I was told a funny story about the exhaust tip on the first Mini. Which surprisingly was built under BMW and that was the exhaust tip was a can of Budweiser.

N​ow, this does sound ridiculous, but it's true, there are many detailed articles online backing up this very point. Once BMW had purchased Mini, they went to redesign the near 50 year old car, this was no easy task. The team of designers had finished the job with hours to spare before presenting a model to the board of directors, to either be approved or denied.

T​he team were celebrating, drinking cans of Budweiser but then one of the designers had realised there was no echaust tip on the car, so the designer who had realised this mistake stripped the paint off his can, punched a hole in the bottom and then attached it to the car.


T​he board of directors liked the shape of the tip, they thought it was “unique yet oddly familiar", the board was concerned about the time and expense wasted milling a piece of aluminium, that's when the designer had to drop the penny and come clean. This was met with science, followed nearly immediately with laughter.

I​f you watch the video I have embedded, it is clearly a can of something being used as the exhaust tip, and that is indeed a can of Budweiser. Mini have changed this since then, but if you look at an old BMW-era Mini, you will see a can of Budweiser as the exhaust tip!

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