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Mini's New Dakar Buggy

Perhaps the pinnacle of a boys toy. Mini have, in unison with their John Cooper Works branch, created a Dakar rally buggy. Mini are no strangers to the world of off road competition, but they have normally competed in a tarted up Mini countrymen, which to its credit has done very well, including a four year win streak from 2012 to 2015. This new buggy seems to be a whole new beast however.

You can't go wrong with a roof scoop

The buggy will be competing in the 2018 Dakar along side the Countrymen, but in a very different style. Where as the Countrymen is four wheel drive, the buggy is just RWD. The rear wheels are driven by a 3.0L straight six Diesel with 355bhp and a whopping 590lb ft of torque. This is actually the same as its AWD Countrymen counterpart.

Here it is, alongside its counterpart

Although this is a traditional buggy design, the materials scream nerdy technology. The body consists of a tubular steel frame, with body work which has been made from a blend of carbon-reinforced plastic and kevlar, giving it lightness and strength.


I know it's on my Christmas list...

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