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Minivan narrowly avoids a head-on collision with a semi-trailer

So close from a fatal crash

3w ago

In theory, the highway is one of the safest roads to drive on, as the traffic flows in one direction, thus greatly limiting the risk of head-on collisions. However, the feeling of safety on these fast lanes makes it necessary to be extra vigilant when any event occurs.

On April 29, 2021, a motorist witnessed an unbelievable scene on the Interstate 39 near Lostant, Illinois. The person was following a minivan at a safe distance when a semi-truck from the opposite lane appeared. The truck veered off course and crossed the small patch of grass.

The driver of the minivan calmly swerved to the right and very calmly avoided a collision that would have been fatal for sure. The semi-trailer truck continued on its way before coming to a halt at the edge of the highway. Luckily, the vehicle did not roll over. The driver probably dozed off.

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Comments (20)

  • Fortunately for him he wasn’t driving a tesla with AutoPilot...

      26 days ago
  • What a move

      26 days ago
  • wow... what a save from the minivan driver

      24 days ago
  • Isn't that a movie from Spielberg from the 70's?

      25 days ago
  • At least he had room in the van to change his pants after that.

      26 days ago