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What can I say hmm...
the are ugly , horrible, for people who can’t drive, for non car people and big ass football families who have the simplest life.
I just don’t get it why get the minivan it is sooooo ugly. Some people are saying that I’m listening minivan stereotypes but I’m not this is fact .
I don’t know who would even invent such a thing.
Let me guess....
Someone in the 90s really hated car people and quite frankly all people so he thought and thought
I got it I will mix two ugly cars together a 90s car and a van then came minivan the day it came out THE DAY it came out it made the earth split in two with car people and non car people. Maybe that’s how 9/11 started. ( it was al-Qaeda )

Now you see my hate for minivans.

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Comments (23)

  • I love minivans, they're so cool. Especially the ford galaxy. My mom takes me to soccer practice every weekend in one and all my friends think I'm cool

      2 years ago
  • They're not all awful, the Vw Touran, the Citroën C4 grand Picasso and the Renault Espace are not that boring

      2 years ago
  • weird that you find them so ugly.

      2 years ago
  • My mom has a cool Toyota Sienna SE and it's blacked out and it has a tv, heated leather seats, tinted windows, power doors/liftgate, etc

      2 years ago
    • Ok if it has lots of the options I’m in but I still hate minivans

        2 years ago
  • Good news they are dying in Britain but being replaced by SUV'S

      2 years ago