- Let's go to the Disneyland. How fairy tales come true

Minnies mini van

Photo from exhibition

The car was transformed both externally and internally. The basis was taken Honda Odyssey. Made in a single copy, in 2017.

The front dashboard polka dots, and the rear seats with cushions with bows.

In the US, the new Odyssey is offered with a gasoline 3.5-liter V6 engine rated at 280 hp, combined with a 9- and 10-range “automatic”.

The car is equipped with the CabinTalk function, which allows the driver to communicate with third-row passengers without raising the voice, with a camera built into the ceiling, allowing parents to follow what children are doing in the rear seats; and the Honda Sensing security suite.

It has a complete resemblance to a toy prototype and belongs to the rich Disneyland star Minnie Mouse.

Van price - from 29,990 dollars (excluding taxes and delivery),

Unique car created specifically for the exhibition Disney D23 Expohttps://d23.com/d23-expo-2019/, which will be held in Anaheim, California. The outwardly transformed Honda Odissey will be presented as part of the children's fashion show “Minnie’s Style: The Fashion House of Minnie Mouse”, where over the years various Minnie Mouse dresses and accessories have been shown.

Children's toys then become adults, but they are all the same! :)

And now we will wait for the plane?

Toy plane