Mission to Royalty

A story of a driver who now wants to become a rider.

3y ago

I'm not a biker, since my family could always afford cars they never saw sense in owning a two-wheeler. Plus they never thought it was safe so as a young boy, my attention was diverted towards big SUVs, useful hatchbacks and luxury sedans.

My dad says, relations are by luck but friends are by choice. So, you should always choose your friends wisely and that's exactly what I did. Even though I was trained to think I'm not made to ride,I made friends who were bikers to stay around the world I was deprived of and I enjoyed my time riding pillion, enjoying the cold winds, living on the edge.

Many of my friends rode bikes. Some had Pulsars, some small CC bikes and a few had Royal Enfields (or either wanted to upgrade to it). They always encouraged me to learn but I was always skeptical of riding any of them. Somewhere I had this feeling that I will get confused while shifting gears, or use the handbrake instead of the footbrake. In general I kind of believed that I wasn't born to ride. The world of bikes was something I was to experience riding pillion and never take the reigns in my own hand.

As I grew up, I began to understand that the world isn't what my parents told it would be and I began to explore things on my own. Call it fate, but the world of Royal Enfield is completely in sync with my own. This beautiful but complicated machine reminds me of myself. So many of the amazing people I've met over the years ride Bullets, Thunderbirds and Himalayans. The sense of companionship when I see a gang Royal Enfields riding together, makes me want to join the brotherhood too.

I'm lucky enough to say that I'm still encouraged by my friends to start riding and now I'm old enough to know that riding is something I don't want to miss out on. I already have a gang as most of my friends - old and new, have a Royal Enfield now. I just have to join them by gaining the confidence that I, too, can handle this machine.

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I have a long ride ahead.

I have already started practising and soon you'll see me riding a Royal Enfield of my own.

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