Mitsubishi Is Officially Dead To Me

New concepts with old names has killed off the last remaining interest I have in the Japanese marque.

3y ago

It is absolutely no secret Mitsubishi has been dying a slow painful death for some time now. The once proud brand has been reduced to only a few models that do nothing to inspire automotive enthusiasm. This was a company that once made amazing enthusiast machines. The 3000GT was ahead of its time, the DSM Eclipse was capable of beating performance cars with a much higher price tag and then there was the legend that was the Evo.

Throughout its life the Evo was one of the most technologically advanced machines on the planet. It had 4 doors, a turbocharged 4 cylinder engine, but as Clarkson proved on Top Gear It was more than capable of hanging with the V12 monster that was a Lamborghini Murcielago.

Sure the Evo had its faults, it wasn't the most comfortable car ever built and some of the interior parts weren't the last word in quality. None of that mattered though, because it was stupendously fast. During its ten variations the Evo was an enthusiasts dream. Huge performance out of the factory but still plenty of room for tuners to work their magic.

That changed in 2016 when the Evo stopped production. The hoon mobile and enthusiast favorite was not driving enough sales to remain relevant for the struggling Mitsubishi. So as is the case in so many things the Accountants axed the Evo. Mitsubishi brought back the Evolution name at this year's Tokyo Motor Show. This should have been cause for celebration among gear heads, and yet it isn't, not even a little bit.

The e-Evolution has torque vectoring electic drive, fast responding electric brakes all very cool if it were in the body of a car, not a fat crossover designed for school runs and P.T.A. meetings.

The e-Evolution has torque vectoring electic drive, fast responding electric brakes all very cool if it were in the body of a car, not a fat crossover designed for school runs and P.T.A. meetings.

For starters it isn't the classic Evolution nomenclature we remember, it is called the e-Evolution which right away tells you about this car. The classic MPG be damned attitude has been ditched for electric motors. This is just a product of the time we live in, if we cant make peace with our beloved cars eventually being electric then we are in for wave after wave of disappointment in the coming years. No, an electric Evo is not the reason this concept is so utterly rage inducing, it is the fact that it is a tall, horrifically ugly crossover. The Evo has become a family friendly soccer-mom-mobile. Take a moment and let that sink in, I mean really think about it. The flag bearer for uncomfortable, hard core vehicles is now a practical crossover. That should, by every rite, make you sick to your stomach.

I'm sure this new concept is a very capable vehicle with its 3 electric motors and electronic brakes and its futuristic technology. I get that crossovers are gaining steam like a runaway locomotive. Naturally fast, sporty crossovers would emerge and if they had named it the e-beaver or whatever, nobody would bat an eye at it. But they didn't, they sat in a corporate board room and made the very conscious decision to include the Evolution name. The Evolution name holds a special place in the automotive world and I'm sure they thought they were capitalizing on the history the name possess. What they have done is ruin it. They took a great name threw it on the ground then proceeded to piss all over it.

Thanks Mitsubishi, any feigning interest I had left in your company is officially dead.

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  • Electric cars will be only of any value is when any of the current brands can get around to making a self-generating electrical vehicle which they are capable of now by using their own drive axles, it is possable.

      3 years ago
  • Electric is inevitable but seriously what the hell

      3 years ago
  • Completely agree man, what a disgrace

      3 years ago