miwhip - Uber's Golden rival that you haven't heard of

In most cases, luxury comes at a premium price. But not in miwhip's case.

2y ago

Since its launch Uber, despite many peoples reservations; has been somewhat of a success. Somehow the idea of everyday people using their own cars to generate a bit of income by carting other everyday people around has worked rather well.

So well in fact that many people are now trying to think of ways to come up with some way of cashing in on the concept, but unfortunately for them Uber has been immovable. Until now.

Introducing miwhip.

Let's face it. Any time we see an already beautiful car made even more beautiful by being covered in Gold, we are totally getting our phones out to snap picture. But imagine if that Gold beauty was there to collect you and take you to your next meeting? Or maybe it's there to take you to some shops on the other side of London... that would be awesome right?

Well miwhip will be exactly that. With exactly the same concept as Uber only there's one slight detail that sets the two ride-sharing apps apart. miwhip will try to make travelling around in gorgeous Golden cars a normality for its users.

"We wanted to challenge the status quo. To be disruptive. To give people the chance to pick up their groceries in a Ferrari while we maintain these values."

Co-founder Amerah Ahmed

The app launched with an already impressive array of Golden beauties featuring the Lamborghini Aventador pictured above, a Ferrari 488, Rolls Royce Ghost II, Mercedes G Wagon and a McLaren 720s.

Now, I know exactly what you're thinking. Probably exactly the same as what I initially thought, "Well, that's great but I won't be able to afford that!". No one could blame you for thinking that, but you would be wrong.

A single passenger booking in London including pick up and drop off in 'Zone 1' will see you cruising around in Gold liveried beauty for a flat rate of £5.

The app is available on Android and iOS.

I think I know how I will be travelling the next time I'm London. Here's a fun fact, with two days of receiving the private hire operator licence from Transport for London, miwhip spent over £1.5 million on supercars!

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