Miyazaki Supercar Tour!

Jerry Yee posted in TGZ

44w ago


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All the way back in October, I was lucky enough to participate in the Miyazaki Supercar Tour in my friends' classic Porsches! There were many wonderful cars there, and I will have the photograph coverage of the event up soon, but the video I took is finished, so please enjoy! 0:00 to 4:12 is my journey there in my friend's pristine Porsche 356 A, from 4:12 to 13:40 is of the supercars, and from 13:40 to the end is the journey back in the 356 and my other friend's 1971 911s. Please excuse my shoddy video skills as this was my first video, and the program I used to make this cannot handle "complex sounds" well, so it may be scratchy during a few parts. Regardless, please enjoy! Which car do you want to see close ups of? Comment your thoughts down below, and thank you for watching!!!!!!

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