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Mk5 Supra: Why it's our fault

Many people predict that the new Supra will fail in it's task to live up to the legendary Mk4, but maybe it isn't the fault of the car.

2y ago

So it isn't a match for the R35 GT-R or the latest of Honda's NSX. But it will be an amazing sports car for sure! Why? Simple, because it is secretly a BMW! Now BMW have made some very impressive sports cars over the years, for example the M3, M2 and M5! So teaming up with BMW for a Sports car is the perfect idea for Toyota!

Now people in the community keep saying that the Supra will fail and that it's just a Z4 with a Toyota Bodykit, now this might be true, but does that spoil the car? Because I'd love to drive that new Supra! But what's its biggest problem? Us. We, the Car Community. We are the biggest flaw of this car. Because if you remember correctly, you might know that the Mk4 Supra didn't have a 1000HP stock and didn't produce such gigantic Turbo-lag, it was just a sports car built for people who wanted a fun time!

A very good example of a 1000HP Supra.

A very good example of a 1000HP Supra.

But then, we came along, and we saw potential in this car, we pushed it too its limits and we made a God! A car that would live on forever in our memories! And if Toyota made a new Supra right after the Mark 4, it would be just as trashed at as now, because it wouldn't be comparable to the 1000HP Godzilla Killer the Mk4 was!

But was that really what this car was? Is that how we will remember it? Not as the great sports car it was, but the Monster it now is? is that fair in comparison to all the other cars that Toyota makes? Because most Toyotas won't be able to live up to something like that!

Another very fast car!

Another very fast car!

And yes, a new or updated 2JZ would've been nice, but they wanted a sports car, not a monster, they wanted a fun ride down a country road, not a 6 Second Run down the Quarter Mile. So If you ask me, then no, Toyota didn't ruin the Supra, we just compare to something it's not. Something that is a god, not a Supra! Toyota built the Supra, we built Lamborghini killing monsters for on the road, that was us, and although Toyota made a very good platform for us to do that, they also did now, or.. well BMW did.. but you get my point!

So to conclude this story about a young boy who might not be able to live up to it's expectations, I'd have to say that it isn't Toyotas fault that it can't live up to the Mk4 Supra, it's ours and we should open up our harts and give this new Supra (or BMW, I guess that's fair..) a chance to show us what a modern Toyota Sports car is like!

Now I'd like to thank you for reading this article and I hope that you can give this new Mark 5 Supra a chance! and if it turns out it sucks anyways.. then I was definitely wrong and I'll delete this article as soon as possible!

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Comments (7)

  • It’s a BMW Z4 Toyota has made a massive mistake tarnishing it’s name again using German junk platforms

    Updated 2jz would have been spot on

      1 year ago
    • exactly. this pile of disposable junk which is almost impossible to repair or "work on" with hardly any more horsepower than 20 years ago is a sad, sick embarrassment.

        1 year ago
    • Fyi: that "pile of junk" is insanely easy to modify, and there are multiple of these (1 was made by Toyota themselves) that make over 1000 horsepower

        5 months ago
  • I'm new on drivetribe. I scrolled thru this feed for five minutes and the posts I saw really impressed me, but this is the one that I really enjoyed reading, that was so well ritten and had such a nice subject. So thanks! I will stay on drivetribe thanks to you!

    (Not a supra fanboy)

      2 years ago
    • Oh believe me there's way better stuff out there on DriveTribe than this! Believe me, if you want to enjoy yourself this is a great place to be! I'm active a lot and I can tell you that there are some great articles and quizzes around here! If...

      Read more
        2 years ago
  • Guess what, the 2JZ was the Supra's biggest strength, but also it's biggest weakness. The iron block was insanely rigid (we know what happened because of that), but it weighed 650 lbs (!) Which made it handle like American boats with big block V8s

      5 months ago
  • Will written justifications, but it's a trash Z4 with toyota body kit, and yeah, it ruins the car and the experience.

      8 months ago