M'Mazda (Tomo-san), pictured here alongside an assortment of other malaise-and-earlier vehicles that I managed to park next to:

First, a 1964 Ford Galaxie. My car's so little! XD

A mid-80's Nissan 300ZX, just a bit sportier and post-malaise.

Tomo-san and this 1980 Dodge Van chewed the fat for hours about the good old days when cars were square.

A different day with the same van & an International Scout. The Scout was definitely resto-modded as it had plastic bits in it.

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  • EDIT: Oh, I forgot that Jeep! (I ran out of room anyway) That's a 1979 (or 80) Jeep Cherokee Golden Eagle. This was an SJ, pre-XJ (the Cherokee you're thinking of), and the Golden Eagle package got you denim seats and a cool paint job. This one was well used and well rusty.

    I think my car might be attracting other malaise-era machinery. I'll let you guys know if I spot an Isuzu I-Mark.

      3 years ago