- Fotage from My Motoring World trailer.

M.M.W First Trailer

Tomorrow you will be abble to see the firs trailer, of what I call, the My Motoring World YouTube series.

Inspired by a BBC TV program, My Motoring World YouTube channel is an attempt to do some kind of Top Gear/The Grand Tour thing on my own.

I have been thinking for a couple of years of doing something that would make my tribe more interesting. So I thought about doing some kind of "car show" for my tribe. That is quite a cool idea, isn't it?

The only problem with that, apart of the fact that I am Spanish, and my english is not as good as... lets say a natal english speaker... although my family have a lot of cars, some of then very interesting, the idea of making a video showing how the cars are or what kind of interesting things can be done with them, is much more complicated than I thought at the beginning.

However... I spent this summer working in Austria, and that negative thought have changed. Obviously, there are still some complications. Like the fact that I don't have any camera crew. or that i just have a little time, because I am also studying at the university. But I am trying to solve those issues with the help of some friends (like the one you can see with me in the picture).

The trailer is just a small montage of some of the videos that will appear on the "series", I still want to do, maybe 2 or 3 more before editing all of them and making something interesting and cool.

The plan is to make an entertaining video for each car and to stream it weekly on YouTube and DriveTribe. I have big ideas, but the problem with big ideas is that they took a lot of time.

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