The story of genre-bending machine

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The Porsche 935 is a bona-fide legend - the giant killing 911 based race car that found success in literally every form of racing it entered. Throughout its career, the 935 won more than 150 races in the hands of factory and customer teams. And this included an outright victory at Le Mans in 1979 when a duo of drug dealers and a German took a Kremer prepped 935 to the top step. However that is a story for another time. Ours takes place in 1978.

Porsche's Le Mans Guru, Norbert Singer decided to exploit the fairly loose regulations of the Silhouette class, i.e. Group 5 to create the ultimate (by 70s standards) aerodynamics machine. Stretching the tail to its extreme, Singer created the 935/78, better known as 'Moby Dick'.

Incredible as it was, the car fared poorly (by Porsche standards) in its only Le Mans entry - 1978 where the #43 finished 8th, despite being the fastest car on the circuit. It was clocked at 367kmph on the Mulsanne straight, but finished more than 40 laps down from the winning Renault Alpine 442B.

Nevertheless, the 935/78 remains a fan and collector favourite. I got my hands on this new release by Solido in 1:18 scale. Solido is cracking out some really well made examples at its price point and I hope they add more soon.

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