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Model T Fords in the park

The Model T Ford Club of America's Tennessee Tour, comes to my town.

1y ago

Late Sunday evening, I found out that The Model T Ford Club of America was in Tennessee and that they would be rolling through Rock Island State Park on Tuesday, that's about 4 miles from my house. A quick Google search landed me at the Tennessee T's club website. Upon finding their itinerary I began figuring out the best place to get some pictures and video. The club had decided to visit multiple different historical location in the area, so I decided it would be best to let them come to me!

On Monday night I sent an email to the club contacts and they let me know that the tour would be in my area around 10:00 AM the next morning. Since I work odd hours, I got up bright and early, for me, at 9:30 AM and claimed a nice spot in the park across from a old brick mill building.

I waited for the T's to arrive:

I then got some pictures of the cars.:

These aren't pristine, museum quality cars. They are drivers and they show their road wear, excellently!

These aren't pristine, museum quality cars. They are drivers and they show their road wear, excellently!

The thing I most admire about Model T owners is the fact that they are always talking about driving their cars and they rarely seem to suffer breakdowns. Temperatures were up to 95 degrees when these pictures were taken and I didn't notice any cars smelling like they were getting hot, nor was there any hot grease smells.

While antiques aren't something we usually follow here at the Custom & Hot Rod Life tribe, this turned out to be a spectacle worth taking in. It was nice to spend a weekday morning chatting with a hundred gearheads. Plus, the sight of this many Model Ts in one place was absolutely beautiful!

Keep on Cruisin'!

Art by: Chris Breeden

Art by: Chris Breeden

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"Chris Breeden is a Social Media content creator for Custom & Hot Rod Life on DRIVETRIBE, YouTube and Facebook. After spending 5 years in Southern California, a.k.a. Hot Rod Heaven, while serving as a jet engine mechanic in the United States Marine Corps, he moved back home to Tennessee with an even greater love for Hot Rodded Vintage Tin. Since then he has worked in retail sales and the transportation and logistics industry. In 2018, seeing a gap in Hot Rod and Custom Car coverage on DRIVETRIBE, Chris began advocating for their inclusion on the platform. During the summer months, he can be found all over the Tennessee region covering car shows, meets, and cruise-ins. During the winter months, he can be found in the garage working on his custom 1949 Ford two-door sedan and 1954 F100 truck."

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  • Awesome!

      1 year ago
  • I think the video should be Man captures 1930's era with modern photography equipment. In contrast to the converse I saw about F1 a week or two ago. Quite amazing to watch...

      1 year ago
    • That is a good point. I thought about giving the film some sort of ageing technique, but went with what I witnessed instead.

        1 year ago