Modern Classics - Still an investment in light of the EV revolution?

With the evolution of EVs gathering pace, are modern classics still the enticing investment they once were? Ok, so a 996 or a DC2 are never going to make you a millionaire but until recently I would have speculated that they were a solid longer term investment for at worse depreciation free motoring and if not a decent investment to have some fun in.

As EVs begin to evolve and the infrastructure supporting them develops there are a number of aspects to consider which may seal a fatal blow to our archaic loves of yesteryear. Here are just a few thoughts on the positive and negative effects EV development will have on the fiscal as well as percieved values of a few cars which I personally would have touted as a solid purchase until recently. The fact that I own 2 of the 4 makes me all the more interested in people's thoughts.

E61 M5 Touring.
• There certainly won't be another engine built like the s85, v10s are probably already a thing of the past but is this a positive for future values or a negative and they are becoming extinct for a reason?
• The touring is rarer than unicorn tears but this only becomes an asset if people like unicorn tears.

996 Carerra.
• we all know the 996 is the ugly duckling of the 911 family. The slightly smelly cousin who knowbody really wants to get in secret Santa. However, with all the other cousins now married off and getting plastic surgery, the smelly one has suddenly become a attractive proposition. His family is still loaded, he's still got a tidy arse and given a good poke, he goes well. After all, his younger siblings, despite being faster in race have become a little flabby over the years. Perhaps your day has come, oh smelly one.
• A porsche will always be a Porsche, apart from the 924 which will always be the love child of when Gunter met Volkswoman. Will this be enough to hold values?
• the engine isn't ludicrously thirsty so perhaps a little less shunned by eco types and when fuel prices rocket, this can only be a good thing.

E36 M3.
• much the same pro's as the 996. Not too thirsty, an analogue driving experience, a great sound and not to mention an LSD as standard for sideways antics.
• will this analogue driving experience along with a petrol-powered soundtrack become more sought after in the New world of EVs?

Integra DC2.
• Dubbed the greatest FWD car of all time. A visceral but basic driving experience dominated by one of the all time greats, the B18c. This engine, again, will never be recreated, it was at a point where engineering gallantry was just winning the race against comfort, refinement and emissions. No matter how much EV cars progress, this, along with the S85, s54 (of the e46 admitedly), a Porsche flat-6 and even the now humbled rotaries will surely be in demand? Or will things progress so much and so quickly that our generation will simply see the light of electric vehicles and cast aside our current adoration for petrol powered greatness?

I truly hope I continue to feel the butterflies in my stomach when I hear a screaming ICE doing it's thing but I do worry that from a objective viewpoint and for the vast majority, EV cars will simply become faster, more econimcal and out perform our current stablemates. When this happens and petrol prices rise, forecourt close and mechanical know-how diminishes, surely prices and perceived value can only go one way.

Would love to know people's thoughts before I sell everything and buy a Tesla 😂.

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Comments (5)

  • Nice picks from the modern classic, the 996 as been growing on me, especially the wide body post restyling models, an x51 C4s would actually be the perfect daily Porsche. Nice piece !

      1 year ago
    • Totally agree, lovely cars. Call me strange but recently I've been more tempted by the pre-facelift 996, complete with gingercators. Think an early c2 with no sunroof or weighty specs would do nicely.

        1 year ago
  • Great article!

      1 year ago
    • Cheers, not something I've done before but a crushing automotive bore so perhaps I'll do more

        1 year ago
  • I agree totally with your thoughts on the M5 Touring. Just bought mine 2 month ago before they become unaffordable (at least for me). Same color as yours by the way. Love the the engine. Great sound and an addictive punch above 6000 revs in M-mode.

      1 year ago