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The combustion engine has come a long way since it was invented all those years ago. Over the years it has changed and been adapted into millions of different variations.

The car combustion engine has been the most changed engine by far from 4.8L Ferrari V8’s to 1.0L Peugeot engines, however modern car engines are becoming more and more unreliable and more complicated to fix.

Rules are so tight on cars that now modern car engines have to be extremely fuel efficient and comply with strict modern emissions levels. This means that the car engine becomes more and more complicated to fix and repair. It also means that reliability decreases.

Back in the ‘Naughties’ engines hit the high point of reliability. VW had the ultimate diesel engine. A Diesel engine, that with good oil and regular servicing would easily do 500,000 miles or even 1,000,000 miles! This engine was put into all VW based cars; Skoda’s Seat’s, Audi’s and many more.

Car Throttle bought a 400,000-mile Skoda Octavia with the worlds best engine and restored it, you can check out the videos here

Let’s not forget that in 2003 Volvo brought out the XC90, one of the most reliable and well-built cars of the Century.


Modern engines spark a Mass Debate, do we stick with an emission and fuel decrease or a reliability increase.

Modern engines won’t do 500,000 miles without something in the fuel or emissions system going catastrophically wrong, but you can get a lot more horsepower and torque. older engines will easily do 500,000 miles + but have worse emissions.

What to choose?

I’ll stick with older engines…