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M​odern Icon: Bronco

F​ord has gone out of their way to design a product that can stand alone

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2​020 has been a disappointment for many reasons, the Ford Bronco isn't one of them. Unveiled earlier in the year, this new 4x4 from Ford set the car world alight.

I​n todays world it is common for manufacturers to bring back iconic name plates in the hopes of selling more cars. Like Mitsubishi's recently Eclipse, though, they rarely share anything with their namesake.

F​ord bucked that ever-increasing trend with the bronco, though, which is something we should expect from a company that has a history of using iconic name plates decade-after-decade. However, it has been a long time since they brought back a name so long after it was dropped (Thunderbird, anyone?).

T​he new Bronco is the perfect mix of new, nostalgic and future-proof. It has styling cues from Broncos of day-gone-by, tech that people expect today, and applications and engineering that will ensure that it has a spot in the future.

W​hile its styling reflects that of older broncos, it is sharp, modern, crisp and iconic. This is how you bring back a nameplate. The old Bronco was tough, rugged, durable and useable. The new one is all those things - even available with a hose-down interior. This is how you bring back an icon.

F​rod could have done anything, used the Bronco name, and it would have sold, but they didn't. They went further, and made something that is worthy of nostalgic feelings. Something that is worth, even, of being made.

W​hat sets icons, like the Bronco, aside, is that they are something you you could need, but also something that you could want. Something that transends its style, or its usability, to become something that has a better reason to exist.

T​here are many cars, I can imagine, people will never want or need, but things just happen to line up, making them look like a good deal, so they get them. This, though, isn't one of those cars. It is an icon, and I am glad it exists.

S​o, which nameplates would you bring back from the past if you could?

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Comments (7)

  • Ford Galaxie. Let shoot for the stars in 2021!

      1 month ago
    • Ford have some epics in their catalogue ...

        1 month ago
  • BRONCO:-Yay,I'm a modern icon

    DEFENDER:-Cries in a corner

      1 month ago
    • I'll be honest, and probably criticised for this, but I think the defender is a pretty forgettable car - it is what the New Discovery should have been.

        1 month ago
    • It is as good as the Bronco.

        1 month ago


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