- A great car - but one that MSS can make even better

Modular Suspension Solutions VW Golf Mk7/MK7.5 Programme

MSS – the foremost purveyors of the science of suspension compliance - know that the problem with many of today’s high-tech performance saloons and hot hatches is the suspension setups are often slightly too clever for their own good. These premium sports cars with electronically controlled dynamic dampers - including the likes of DCC and MagneRide from the VAG stable, promise the best from any asphalt. A dynamic, sporty ride that reacts like a cat, contrasts with a gentle, comfortable ride quality that’s like wafting along on a magic carpet. All too often this leads to a slight paradox and a compromise in the spring rate and ride height department. Although the factory dampers are perfectly capable of catering for both ends of the spectrum, often the spring technology that backs them up lacks a certain finesse - that’s where Modular Suspension Solutions (MSS) can help out.

Designed and engineered in the UK

By combining ride height tuning, via the MSS in-house designed unique threaded ride adjusters with their chamfered edges to ensure springs do not catch on seating as used in the stacked spring arrangement on the rear axle, precise all round ride height adjustment at the merest twist of a spanner can be achieved to offer advanced setup such as rake or corner weighting for ideal sporty setup or for stance. With the suitably calibrated springs that can compress or expand to offer progressive and digressive suspension operation, MSS Sports for the VW Golf Mk7/MK7.5 range is a versatile all year round use product offering that rare combination of smoother ride comfort and enhanced performance handling in a single package. Keep any threaded components well lubricated or protected by the MSS designed protective neoprene sleeves, and years of service are assured thanks to a lifetime warranty on all MSS parts

Fits like factory - but clever progressive rates mean that ride is even better

Keeping things simple with custom spring rates and a fully modular setup means parts are totally interchangeable, so it’s possible to fine tune your ride comfort via hardware, as well as the manufacturer developed damper electronics. One of the best bits of feedback the MSS solution receives relates to ride comfort, with many saying that the improvement in quality is exactly as the vehicles should have left the factory. From floating to firm, the MSS solution can be tailored to suit every whim, no matter whether destined for a favourite B-road, or about to hit the track for a few hot laps.

MSS has its own R&D facility to ensure that every one of its packages works perfectly

For the perfect blend of compliance, comfort and control it’s hard to fault the MSS Sports product for the VW Golf Mk7/MK7.5 range, particularly as a daily driver solution or as a regular racetrack regular. Both Audi’s MagneRide and VWs DCC system allows for the shocks to sharpen at the click of a switch, and with the UK made MSS springs in place the precision and feel at any VW Golf Mk7/MK7.5 helm takes on a new level of accuracy and exactitude. Whether it’s superior performance in comfort or normal mode, or markedly increased feel and precision in race mode, MSS has a product solution in its range to cover you.

It's the clever, adjustable platforms that make millimetric perfect adjustment available

Each complete front and rear solution are shipped with ride adjusters, couplers, MSS springs, MSS ride enhancers and the MSS adjuster tool. High-speed handling is somewhat of an MSS speciality with a seamless transition from corner entry to exit with the rear axle firmly planted even at high cornering speeds confidence is assured. So, whether you’re going on track, or just cruising around town with the perfect stance, MSS will bless your VW Golf Mk7/MK7.5 with new found ability.

Perfect stance AND perfect handling? With MSS it's all available