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los angeles launch of the momo heritage collection

In the 1960's race car driver, Gianpiero Moretti commissioned a local craftsman to make him a custom steering wheel to his own design. Soon other drivers took notice and Momo wheels began showing up on everything from local club racers to the Ferrari Formula 1 team cars. Soon Momo would be the OEM supplier for brands like Ferrari, Rolls Royce, Porsche, Opel, Nissan, and many others.

To celebrate the brand's rich motorsport heritage, Momo has released a collection of vintage inspired steering wheels, shift knobs, and wheels, which were unveiled at a launch party in Los Angeles on Monday. The event was filled with amazing cars, great drinks at the Red Bull Bar, and lots of cool people from the LA automotive scene.

The stars of the party were, of course, the new products, of which the new satin finish Grand Prix wheel is by far my favorite. Momo also had a display showcasing the process of how each wheel is made, complete with a man named Massimo hand stitching and finishing wheels. The quality and finish on all the new steering wheels and shift knobs was impressive, and I think a Momo wheel will find it's way into our project 131.

The new collection will be available shortly, for now visit for more info.

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