- Tokyo Drift's Mona Lisa.

Mona Lisa-The one time it was outside your house.

So what do you do when your friend buy's Mona Lisa...

Only one thing you can do really, for months on end wait and wait for it's arrival onto Irish shores.

Finally the day has arrived, Mona has landed in Dublin port. Now begins the roadtrip down to Waterford to the garage where it had been imported to, my friend, myself and a couple of friends waited for hours for it to arrive.

Late that night at around 9pm it finally landed on the back of a recovery truck in Waterford.

Could we believe our eyes here was Mona Lisa from Tokyo drift one of 4 made for the film, 1 of the 2 who survived been crashed and battered in stunts that went wrong!

A spec s engine which was natually asiprated autech 250bhp engine, fuel cell, 1 seat and that was it, there was Mona in front of our eyes!

So when and where was this Mona Lisa used in Tokyo Drift, looking at the paperwork we found out it was used in scene 51 where Han thought Sean how to drift and again at the car meet in the multi story car park....all official by the paperwork, this really was a mona lisa not a copy, for the price tag it needed to be.

What could I do I wondered to remember the occasion so to speak...I had my camera with me that day, so I decided to make a video of it arriving, if your of sensitive dispensation maybe skip over clicking the below link to watch the video of it arriving! If not click the play button.


So what was the future for Mona Lisa in Ireland a show maybe? A roadtrip? When you friend owns this car and there is a car show coming up that another friend of yours in running called Coolnights there is only one thing you can really do....enter mona on your club stand. Put the rumour our there that your going to have it on your stand as I said, no one believes you at the show....It can't be the real Mona Lisa Sarah, ah just wait and see lads!

What everyone thought at the car show?

What everyone thought at the car show?

The time came PJ had brought Mona from Waterford to Dublin again on his truck, a cold October night maybe -2 in temp, it was dirty from the spin up on the motorway, only one thing I could do find somewhere to wash it, no hot water, only one thing for it outside tap which had cold water, I think this was the only time I have ever washed a car so quick, loosing all feelings in my hands the water was that cold. Give it a few minutes to dry and then drive it in. Luckily when it was drove in most of the other show car exhibitors were outside watching the drift practice going on, I had a car cover to cover it, the guy running the show asked me if it could be covered and he's make it one of the main features of the show, well you can guess what my reply was, 'Of course you can'' no on believes me that it is the real Mona Lisa I was about to prove them wrong I had the official paperwork in my hand the key that had been used by Han and Sean in the show! Papers locked away in the car on the dashboard so everyone could see it was the real one. Time to cover the car until the big reveal....

The big reveal.

The big reveal.

The big reveal happened there it was the real Mona Lisa......Oh we didn't think it was Sarah, well boys there you go. Stayed awake all that night watching that car,part of the deal with my friend parked it outside the window of the hotel where I was staying. She was save back to Waterford the following day!

What was gonna be Mona's next adventure? What about a local meet and greet where people other like minded car heads got to see Mona in real life and not just on the cinema screen.

Organised a meet with friends and a night out. Road trip began from Waterford to Tipperary, an s15 and a small fuel cell in the boot and 7 jerry cans of petrol we arrived at last, next item was to think of where I could park Mona for the night as I lived in the town it wasn't going to be anywhere in the town, I then though oh my grandmother lives in the country in the middle of nowhere that's where we will hide her! Been 2008 and insurance quotes sky high for anyone who was young and had a performance car we used the garage plates, below I've posted some photos of the one and only time Mona Lisa has been drove on Irish roads even to this day almost 10 years later.

When its parked outside your house!

So almost 10 years later what's the plan for Mona Lisa, get the laqure fixed on it and maybe take it to a show somewhere.

Watch this space!

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  • Always thought they killed this thing off too early in the film. Much like the Skyline from the second film

      2 years ago