Money is no object and you have all the time in the world: Would you build a drag car?

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  • If you’ve never been to an NHRA event I highly recommend it. When the top fuel cars run, it is unbelievable. They are so powerful that they shake the ground to the point that your vision blurs. That being said I have no real interest in dragracing, and I’m much more interested in road course racing with corners and such.

      8 months ago
  • No. Drag racing is boring

      8 months ago
  • There was a comment about drag racing being boring. I’m more interested in road racing but having been to a couple NHRA events, I can tell you that there is nothing boring about 11,000 hp. As Mike Trimble has said ... you can’t believe it until you see, feel, and hear it up close and personal. Every Motorsport fan should go at least one time.

    I was standing in the pits, with my GoPro, watching the start up of a top fuel car. This process in and of itself is a spectacle, no different than how involved the start up is for a modern F1 car.

    Anyhow ... I’m filming and they finally fire up this angry beast. It was so f’n VIOLENT, that my video is unwatchable due to the fact that i nearly dropped the damn camera.

    These drivers strap these things on and rocket to 336mph in 3.6 seconds!! They’re pulling close to 8G at launch. They’ve had to shorten the course from 1320 feet (quarter mile) to 1000 feet because it’s too damn dangerous to go a 1/4 mile. These cars are generating speed at such a high rate that they had to remove 320 feet from the course.

    Boring? I don’t think so.

      8 months ago
  • Yes!!Why do people hate drag races??

      8 months ago
  • My neighbor had a bracket car that ran 8's. Wanted me to give it a run. I wouldn't because I didn't have the funds to rebuild his car if I stuffed it. This car stood four feet in the air on launch! He told me that you have to stay in it or it will go right into the wall. That was the only trick. The rest is practice of launches for the timing. He was GOOD. This was a 69 Chevelle that was tubbed and caged with a small block 400 putting out 600 at the crank. I would LOVED to have gotten behind the wheel but just didn't have the funds to rebuild it if the worst happened. All of my funds were tied up in my 87 M6 that had a Dinan Stage 2 suspension, chip, BBS RS2 wheels and a UUC short shift. That kept me plenty busy.

      8 months ago