"Monster" Tajima and his last Pikes Peak Record

As Volkswagen announces it will be gunning for a Record on the mythic Mountain in 2018, we remember one of the great Records achieved on Pikes Peak

Nobuhiro "Monster" Tajima finally broke the 10 minute barrier at Pikes Peak in 2011 on the last ever edition of the mythic Hillclimb still raced with dirt surface parts making parts of the event. Scheduled to be fully paved by 2012, this was the last ever time particpants and public had the possibility of enjoying some dirt driving spectacle.

Powered by a 3.1 Lite Twin Turbo V6 engine capable of over 900Hp, this spaceframed "Suzuki SX4" weighed not much more then 1000Kg while delivering all this poer to all 4 wheels. With some serious downforce being provided by that aggressive bodywork, this can be called the ultimate evolution of the platform Mr. Tajima developed through years on the Colorado Mountain.

The same platform which gave us the Legendary Suzuki Escudo Pikes Peak Version of Gran Turismo fame. And even this would go on to be changed in a big way.

From 2012 onwards, the Japanese veteran has been using a purpose built Electric race car created by him and Croatian company RIMAC. But at no point this machine will be forgotten and for those with some attention to detail, maybe youยดll discover the connection of this machine with our brand...

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