Monstruous 500+Hp Ford Sierra ThunderSaloon trying HillClimb Racing

Trevor Collar and his spectacular Sierra/Sapphire at Retro Rides Gathering 2019

Another Special Guest on Retro Rides Gathering 2019 was this quite unique Ford Sierra/Sapphire of Trevor Collar, built to race on the spectacular ThunderSaloon Series in England, a Rear Wheel Drive YB Cosworth powered Monster.

Originally built by Dave Thomas, it belongs to Mr. Collar since 2003 and since then has built totally rebuilt by Ford/Cosworth specialist Geoff Page, producing over 500Hp from its 2.0L Turbo Engine nowadays with the power being delivered to the Rear Wheels through a Gartrac Touring Car Gearbox and weighing around 1150Kg.

As a machine tuned for circuit racing and sporting a live rear axle setup, it suffered with some gearing and traction issues on its Hillclimb Racing debut, but all in all it is a totally bespoke Race Car that deserves all our attention both for its spectacular looks and also its potential.

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