Monstruous Beauty - The 550Hp/890Kg Alfa 4C Turbo by Picchio SPA

This is the 2018 version of the Alfa Romeo 4C Proto by Picchio SPA, now driven by Alessandro Gabrielli, and powered by a 2.0L Turbocharged Engine by AER (Advanced Engine Research) producing 550Hp in its current state of tune.

One of the most ambitious HillClimb Racing projects ever in the Italy, this 890Kg carbon fibre bodied Monster designed and built by Picchio SPA, was stored for almost a year before Gabrielli Motorsport took the challenge of continuing its development and it has paid off with the car showing very promising results, scoring various Class Wins and ranking among the fastest Touring Cars in pretty much all events it entered.

Entering on the FIA HillClimb Masters in Gubbio as part of the Italian Team, it showed great pace, but some mechanical problems prevented a better final result. But as unique as this Monster is, we could not pass the opportunity to show it to all our Followers, both inside and outside.

And surely, this is not the last time we will see this Monster on our Tribe as it will continue its evolution and to give a small idea of how far it can go, let´s just rememeber that the 2.0L powerplant can easily achieve upwards of 700Hp. Which is exactly where Mr. Gabrielli and Picchio want to go. Adding to that more aerodynamic updates and further weight loss measures and nothing short of one of the absolute Monsters of HillClimb Racing is what we will be left with...

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  • The little display on the dashboard shows the amount of drivers fucks given.

    15 days ago
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  • sounds like a pissed off moped give me a V8 any day

    16 days ago


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