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3y ago

The idea for this car show and Prancing Ponies Foundation stems from the organiser Chanterria McGilbra’s experience when she was next to a stop sign where there were three teenage girls which made her reminisce about her own experience as a teenager.

All 3 of them looked at her all of a sudden with one of them saying “Miss I like your car” to which she replied “I expect you to get one too”. The girl nodded in agreement and that is when Chanterria knew she could use her Ferrari to inspire young girls.

Thus the Prancing Pony Car Show, which provides an opportunity for young girls to be inspired to pursue careers in the automotive and motorsports industry. The Prancing Pony Car Show is also Monterey Car Week’s first ever car show displaying vehicles owned by females only. It is also part of an all-female car rally.

I headed over to the event yesterday and certainly was not disappointed. A vast selection of cars from Chanterria's own Ferrari 458 Spider to even a 1997 Lincoln Mark VII - which was certainly a treat for me not getting to see these back home. It was owned by a lady called Laurie from MK8Addicts who took me through the car in the video below, she actually has worked on the car herself and could talk about it all day!

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I also met a fellow BMW owner Danielle who had just received her brand new BMW M2 two weeks before the show. She ordered it in manual which is going to put a smile on many of your faces and she even plans to track it as much as possible, so not just a show car for the road. See her video below (which did get interrupted by another BMW enthusiast - that's going to be the latest addition to BMW owner habit memes)

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Lastly Chanterria took me through her event and said through registration fees and sponsorships they raise money for their summer Leadership-Abroad Academy sending up to 10 girls abroad engaging them in cultural immersive activities that will develop their self-esteem, self-confidence, and leadership skills. Have a look at the video below and if you happen to be around their events get involved in such a great cause!

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The whole event showed how cars could sometimes be a universal language for the better good.

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  • Since you barely got to see the car.... haha!

      3 years ago
  • What are the tickets on the windows? It that some sort of vote that is going on?

      3 years ago
    • Those were passes to identify us as car show participants. 🙂

        3 years ago