Monteverdi 375L was the result of a car dealer's spite with Enzo Ferrari

Like many super and sports cars of this era, the Monteverdi 375L was the result of a spite between the carmaker and Enzo Ferrari.

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Peter Monteverdi was a Swiss engineering prodigy and race car driver. He had built his first makeshift racer by the age of 17 and by his early twenties was competing in international events with his own team, Monteverdi Binningen Motors (MBM). The reasonable success he had was short lived when a serious crash at the 1961 German Grand Prix prematurely ended his racing career. He then turned his attention to selling fast cars and was the official distributor for Ferrari, Lancia, BMW, and Rolls Royce in Switzerland.

Monteverdi’s decision to create a namesake car was a result of a showdown with Enzo Ferrari. Ferrari’s financial situation was less than ideal in the early 60s, and he wanted Monterverdi to keep a stock of a 100 cars for the Swiss market. This was obviously not to Monteverdi’s liking and he decided to go his own way. His first car was the 375S, a two-seater sports car first shown at the 1967 Geneva Motor Show.

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