- Monument Valley

Monument Valley

We drove 1200 miles from Houston TX to Monument valley, located on the Utah Arizona boarder, just West of the Four Corners region.

Taking the road less traveled up Rt. 491 to visit the Ship Rock in New Mexico. The dive to get as close as possible was a 12 mile journey up what can only be described as a vague suggestion of a road, which was unbelievably rough, to capture the pictures. The benefit, we were to only ones there! A magnificent site to experience.

The Ship Rock

The 1st view of Monument Valley from Rt. 163.

We drove up from the south on Rt.142. This is the 1st look you see of the classic valley.

This is a picture of the classic view of Monument Valley, taken from what was John Wayne's favorite spot to relax and gaze upon the monuments.

I do not think allot of people realize that there is a hotel with a restaurant in Monument Valley, named the View. Every room has a balcony and a priceless view of the valley. It is on the Navajo reservation, so the big down side is the do not sell any alcohol. However you can bring you own, which is a good idea because the closets bottle of wine is an hour away.

The View Hotel

We stayed for 5 days and were able to fully explore the valley and all of its incredible sights.

Artists Point

From a narrow path on the side of a cliff.

Left Mitten

Right Mitten at Sunset

The Three Sisters

The Todam Pols


The View from our hotel room.