Mopar Celebrates 50 years of Dodge Charger with an engine you can put in your MX-5

    Dodge Super Charger Hellephant

    2y ago


    SEMA car show is all out, all American, over the top display of ludicrous ideas that make no sense to anyone who isn't simply in love with them. Everything from the tallest trucks with the shiniest wheels, to lowest cars with angled wheels. If you have a car fetish, you'll find it there!

    So it's a perfect occasion to celebrate 50 years of the baddest muscle car of them all, with possibly the maddest version ever - a Mopar Super Charger Hellephant.

    This insanely cool restomod comes with some flared wheel arches, a modern interior, elephant badges all around, quad pipes where you'd find the taillights, a manual shifter, and oh, a 426cu 1000hp engine! That's what this thing is all about - a Hellcat engine that was made even bigger, because... 'Murica! Forget about that kitty-cat, this is a Hellephant.

    If that name sounds familiar it's because this 7-liter monster is a modern interpretation of the Gen2 426 Hemi engine that was so massive people nicknamed it the 'Elephant'. It was also so powerful it was banned by NASCAR for winning every weekend. It's a fitting name then.

    Sadly the car is just a concept and it's not for sale... BUT THE ENGINE IS!

    Yes, you've read that right; a 1000hp Hellephant is a crate engine that you can buy, get delivered, and fit in your Mazda MX-5. And before you ask if it can fit, well, with that kind of attitude, no, it can't.


    So, what would you jam this engine into? Would it make any sense? Comment below!

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