Mopar unveils "turn-key" hemi crate engines, including the 707hp "Hell Crate".

1y ago


We have a chat to Todd from Jeep performance division to discuss the new range of crate engines that you can buy off the shelf from MOPAR for your project car.

If you were to try swap an engine like this traditionally, you would have a mess of wiring, piggy back ECUs, and all manner of other black boxes to try make an engine work in a non native environment.

Thanks to the guys at Caradvice, we were able to attend SEMA 2017 and check out these engine packages in person, along with some of the cars they have fitted them into.

Mopar will now be retailing a ‘plug and play’ engine swap kit for it’s impressive 5.7-litre and 6.4-litre Hemi engines. It’s no secret that modifiers have been retrofitting these engines into all manner of classic Chryslers around the world (even Valiants in Australia) but previously, owners had to go to the aftermarket for computers, wiring harnesses, fly by wire pedal modifications and control modules. Not anymore.

The kits are designed for model year 1975 and earlier vehicles, and include the power distribution centre, PCM, engine and chassis harness, accelerator pedal and more to create a virtual plug and play scenario. The ’71 Challenger and CJ66 Jeep you’ll read about below have both been built with these kits.

The crate Hemi install kits retail for $1795 USD – not including the engine of course – illustrating just how affordable a modern engine swap into a classic vehicle can be in the States. No word yet as to whether we will see these engines and kits available through Chrysler dealers in Australia but they do have a Mopar part number so fingers crossed.

For a full kit including the 707hp "hell crate", expect to fork out around $20,000 USD. That's actually not too bad in the scheme of things when you take into account that you won't have to deal with the headaches of paying for advances looms and debugging electrical systems, which believe me - can add up to thousands of dollars alone, very quickly.

The best about this whole thing is that you retain your factory engine warranty if installed correctly!