More 2022 Nissan Z Info has been Leaked As Well As A New Commercial Campaign

Either Nissan themselves are too excited to hold back this information, or someone at Nissan needs to be fired.

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There has been a lot of leaked information about the 2022 Nissan Z recently that seems to be legitimate, coming from fairly good sources that are close to Nissan. Today, even more information has come out regarding a new interior color option, and the potential debut day of the car as well as a new commercial with Brie Larson showing off "The New Nissan" which shows off the Yellow Z Prototype that was revealed back in September amongst other new Nissan models.

New Leaked Photos:

New photos have leaked surfaced online from Car Buzz showing off what looks to be a similar spec to the silver and black Z photo about 2 weeks back if not the same exact car, but this time we see the interior.

2022 Nissan Z blue interior: Photo Credit- CarBuzz-

2022 Nissan Z blue interior: Photo Credit- CarBuzz-

As you can see, it's very blue. It's quite a bold and, in my opinion, a very questionable interior color choice. Also looking at the car we can see that this Z is equipped with the 9-speed automatic instead of the 6-speed manual transmission.

Potential Release Date of The 2022 Nissan Z:

A new piece of information regarding the Z's release date has been leaked by the New Nissan Z forum but not confirmed by Nissan. Yet. The leaked day indicates that the Z would make it's production debut on May 23rd. This date is significant considering the day is 05/23 (Goh(5)-Ni(2)-San(3) or "Go Nissan") which is considered Nissan Day. This would make a lot of sense for Nissan to debut the Z on "Nissan Day" as well as some other cars in Nissan's lineup that was shown in a commercial called "The New Nissan". The forum also says this is the date that people can start ordering their new Z

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Comments (14)

  • It looks pretty good

      6 days ago
  • I'm glad to see that it closely resembles the concept car, good job Nissan!

      6 days ago
    • Well Nissan said that the proto car was around 98% accurate representation of the production car. Besides Nissan typically does a good job going from concept/prototype to production. I mean just look at the 2001 350Z prototype. It was...

      Read more
        5 days ago
  • The legend returns.

      6 days ago
  • Wow!

    Its been long time since I sow such a nice commercial. I can say, that I want nissan now. Can I get one Z please ? ! :)

      6 days ago
  • It's soooo pretty. And it has manual option 😍

      3 days ago