MORE ABOUT ME... part 1

      My First own home racing videogames

      Ok, now stop talking about me. Let's talk about you: what do you think about me?

      A joke...

      So, let's keep talking about me, instead. :D

      When I was going to write about this Tribe, in the other article "More about this...", at first I started talking so much about me. So I correctly prefered to retain my keyboard's logorrhoea and cut here and there.

      But now in my mind this left so much unsaid, so let's dedicate it some few articles instead. So I can feel my poor mind a bit more lighter. :)

      Actually, as maybe you could notice from my youtube channel, I'm 360° videogames player. Not just cars, but almost any kind of games. Some more, other lesser.

      But racing games are one of few kind of games which can join together two of my interests: videogames and cars.

      I don't come from a rich family (I'm still not in a rich family, anyway. :D ), so I could vent my need of home-videogames only in second half of 90's. First with a Sega Mega Drive (so named in Italy, maybe outside you know it better as Sega Genesis). I also had a Sega Menacer... all lost now. :(

      My race game there was Ayrton Senna Super Monaco GP II! At the end I was so good that I had two profiles. The first was the "World Champion" driver, where my final aim was to try to overcome everybody twice! The second was the "Talented Beginner" were I intentionally stay on the "Moon" (the weaker team) and try to get the best result possible on each race! But my driving style wasn't so good: I used to slow down and make curves using side track obstacles, profitting of no damage system. :D

      That Sega was my first and last console, after that I finally had my first home computer when I was 17 old. And then I never abandoned PC-gaming. And yes, this means I never had a Play Station or an X-Box. Never in my life. It's just not the kind of market offer which fits me. I don't wanna start a console war over here, so let's not talk about this further. :)

      After I accidentally reset my whole PC by simply trying to run any executable on my hard drive, just to check if they were anything similar to a videogame, they finally decided to provide me something to play with. :)

      I'll buy you a computer, but it's just for studying, no videogames!

      My father

      Obviously my father's first premise was "I'll buy you a computer, but it's just for studying, no videogames!". And it's just gone after I run that FDISK.EXE and reset the whole hard disk partition by mistake, with the excuse that I was searching for hidden videogames...

      So my first PC games where Virtua Fighter 2 and Need for Speed 2 (not the Special Edition). Ah... NFS2... what a loved and extraplayed videogame! Something like a whole year I suppose. Actually it's were my passion for fast cars and Ferrari really started (and I LOVE Ferrari F50!).

      Maybe you could think it's silly to say that starting from an arcade game. And maybe you already marked me as a "B-Driver" 'cause I loved so much a Need for Speed. But let me tell you this: if you're gonna think 1997's Need for Speed 2 compares with nowadays NFS games... well you're totally wrong!

      That game was REALLY made with PASSION for supercars! Obviously contents were limited by the aged tecnologies: few tracks, few cars, and limited physics. At least for what you're in habit with most recent racing games.

      But everything was made with the maximum passion and the maximum accuracy allowed on those days. Every single car and every single manufacturer had it's own dedicated info and contents. Text and infos, real videos and audio... you missed nothing to fall in love with those supercars! And everything was 3D already. There was even a "Simulation" modality! Tell me if you ever spinned in any other NFS, just 'cause you tried to start your race on full throttle! In NFS2, on "Simulation" modality, that would happen!

      And there were much more clues about their passion. Lots of options, support for steering wheel... actually I bought my first PC steering wheel for Need for Speed 2 (a plain MadCatz). What about dynamic rock music as background? You could activate that option where the music goes harder or softer based on your car's speed during race! I never found something similar elsewhere!

      Ok, as expected, I dwelt too much on some historical topics. :D So I give you appointment at the next part of the article! ;)

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