Race 07 and Nordschleife

After GTR 2002 experience, I had a long break from simulators. For the most I played online shooters or single player games of any possible gender. And arcade racing videogames, obviously...

But there was a little thing which remained in my mind from GTR 2002 experience. Back in 2003 / 2004, somebody converted a track from Grand Prix Legends (game I had, but I didn't play so much). That track was the Nordschleife! You could wonder yourself, but on that period that track was well known only by real historic motorsport enthusiasts... and GPL players!

We are on DriveTribe, so I expect everybody to know Nordschleife nowadays! So I don't think I need to introduce it...

A day, around 2011, I succeeded to get a Race 07 copy which included GTR expansion pack. Probably it was sold attached to a magazine, maybe a videogames or a supercars magazine (like The Game's Machine, or maybe Top Gear or EVO).

How the two stuffs are related? Well simple: GTR expansion pack includes (apart cars) a good version of the Nordschleife itself! Maybe now I'll say something wrong, but I think that on PC gaming, and on simulators, that was the first "modern" official version of the track included by developers! From GPL times, at least.

Obviously I was really curious about that, so I took back my GTFFFGT steering wheel from its box and started doing laps, over laps, over laps. In the years I lapped with all WTCC, ETCC, GT and even more cars I could! At the end I didn't succed to go with ALL of them, but the MOST of them for sure! I even downloaded a mod which converted cars from GTR 1 and GTR 2 games (which I had, but didn't play so much). So at least I could have some Ferrari (which were not licenzed in Race 07 and its GTR expansion). Pratically I don't remember I ever lapped on any other track on that game. :D

Ferrari 575 GTC - GTR 2 mod for Race 07

Ferrari 575 GTC - GTR 2 mod for Race 07

Some years ago (not few, not much, something like 5 years ago), I "invested" some money in the best "quality / price" steering wheel on those times. Which actually, in my opinion, is still the best value for money nowadays. And which was the TOP back on GTR 2002 years. I'm talking about my mistreated Logitech G27. ^_^

I was so happy about it! And I'm still happy about it! :) But I also punched it once. :D It got broken and while trying to repair it, I broken even much more! :D Luckily I found somebody to repair it (very hard nowadays, 'cause nobody does anymore custom repairs on hardware, inside big cities). Just it got a bit too noisy with years, and now I'm always looking for this or that solution to not make my neighbors moan too much. I bought a semi-cheap driving stand and next shops are sound-absorbing pads!

I hope it's enough, cursed condos! But I think it's enough for this third part article. :) See you on the next and last part. ;)

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Post scriptum: I wanna left you with a link of my times on the Ring, which I started recording on an excel file from 2013. :)

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