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Have you ever been rear-ended by a Jeep during vacation, and as you begin to pull off the road to exchange information, that little bastard mashes the accelerator and takes off into the night? The further your jaw drops, the farther they get away, and no matter how hard you squint, you wonder, is that a Compass, or a Patriot?

When you call to make the police report for a hit and run, the police officer in the parking lot wonders how you're so sure it was a Jeep Patriot. The last generation Jeep Liberty drives by, and the police officer says, "Honda Pilot?" You say, "No, that was either a Dodge Nitro or a Jeep Liberty." But suddenly it hits you; THIS IS THE COP THAT'S GOING TO BE LOOKING FOR A JEEP COMPASS? Fuck!

Model similarity isn't all bad news though. Did you know that the VG33E engine in the 2000—2004 Nissan Xterra also lived in the Nissan Quest/Frontier/Pathfinder and Infiniti QX4? And the Mercury Villager? It's good news when your stuff is breaking all the time. But the best news is cheap OE upgrades. It's like finding clean socks in the pair of pants you wore last Monday when you're already running late for work in the morning on a Thursday. They don't have to be clean, they just have to be kind of close to the same shade of faded grey. And that's only because you're a professional adult.

The upgrade here is the 120 amp Nissan Quest/Mercury Villager alternator. Packing 40 extra amps of the stock Nissan Xterra alternator. For $26, even Grandpa would agree is a deal, and that should mean a lot from someone who washes straws to reuse them. This little boost in amperage will help if you've upgraded the stereo, bolted on 11 lightbars, or installed a PlayStation 2 in the back seat. Why is the alternator bigger in a van? Ask your mom. If it's your dad's van, give him a fucking break, he drives a fan for crying out loud.

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