- CREDIT: Jake Vanfermoon

More Proof That the Mid-Engine Corvette Is Real

1y ago


It's one of the worst kept secrets in the automotive industry, but until Chevy officially confirms the existence of a mid-engine Corvette, all we can do is treat everything as a rumor. Yes, even when the proof is staring you right in the face.

Jake Vandermoon and Josh Busenbark caught these pictures of what is clearly a mid-engine Corvette in Cadillac, Michigan. Development must be going pretty well if this test mule is actually out and about on public roads, so let's all get on the hype train.

Even under all the camo, a number of details are crystal clear. For starters, we're clearly looking at a car with mid-engine proportions, and this car is very clearly a Corvette judging by the front end. We can see a side intake behind the door and honestly not much else.

Performance-wise we know virtually nothing, but don't be surprised to see a V8 under the engine cover. GM has trademarked "E-Ray," so I wouldn't be shocked if it was for this car and involved some form of hybrid powertrain option.




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