More Roasting Of Cars I Don't Like!

Some cars really get to me in all the wrong ways...

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My last article was quite well received and got some good laughs, so I decided to make another one where I roast some of the worst cars in the world!

Tesla Model Y- Karen Thunberg's Toadmobile

Remember how we used to attack and hate on the Prius daily? Well all of those self righteous, car hating eco-Karens moved out of the Prius and into the completely electric Model Y. One of the ugliest cars ever made this soulless garbage looks like a toad if you stuck an air hose up it's ass, and blew it up like a balloon. The people who drive these would be the ones to key a truck or yell at the driver next to them for not being "Environmentally Conscious" this would be the car that Greta queen of the Karens would drive.

Chevrolet Silverado- If the "Fat Bastard" was a truck

The Silverado is a decent truck I'll Beit with some serious reliability issues but all around a decent truck when working properly but... it has sideburns and looks very obese as most trucks do. Reminds me of a certain Scottish man from Austin Powers.

McLaren 570S- Looks like Kermit The Frog if he were high

With the squinted eyes and the massive ear to ear smile it looks like Kermit had more than a few Dubies.

Ram 3500- Meant for short people

I swear every time I see a Ram 3500 dually a man about 5 foot 6 inches or shorter pops out. and I'm just sitting they're laughing my ass off knowing that they specifically bought that truck to feel tall!

Hummer H2- Literally runs on steroids and cheeseburgers

The H2 is widely hated by everyone because not only was it hideous from the factory but it pretty much kickstarted the bro-dozer craze! I say it runs on steroids as these are generally driven by meatheads trying to look big and tough despite struggling to even open a water bottle (I saw a clip once from a baseball game where this bodybuilder in the stands couldn't open his water it was the funniest thing). I also said it runs on cheeseburgers as it seems to be what Europeans think of Americans is a bunch of obese people in lifted Hummer H2s eating cheeseburgers while firing shotguns.

My challenge to you

Leave your funniest, most over the top, ridiculous roast of your least favorite cars in the comments. My favorites will be competing in this weeks Best comment of the week competition for 100 Tribe Coins!

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Comments (44)

  • Modern G wagons, Outdated, monsterous, willfully awful, pieces of dog shite for middle aged gold diggers. Why take a proper 4X4 and make it into a dreadful luxury car for people who will never take it where it was designed to be? And then put a ruddy great V12 which it can't handle into it and try make it a sportscar? that would be like adding sugar to a diet coke, it just shouldn't exist and anyone who owns, praises or likes one is a fool.

      8 days ago
  • I don't like the 911, think of all the trouble Porsche went through to make the handling as stupid as possible, and in the end it's just bought by a lawyer or doctor who thinks he can impress the police with his car when they're about to give him his next parking ticket

      8 days ago
  • "Karen Thunberg" 🤣😂

      8 days ago
  • This ranks in the top ten for me

      8 days ago
  • Daewoo Matiz-Chevy's "Reliable" Matiz. Game Over. And that front alone sends me shivers(Reminds me of that Momo game face)

      7 days ago