MORE THAN MEETS THE EYE. A Fully Transformed Ducati Tracker From Benjie’s

Benjie's Cafe Racers just made Optimus Prime look like a cheap magician at a kids party.

3y ago

We can read your mind. You’re trying to guess which donor Ducati Benjie’s Cafe Racers used to build this, their latest custom bike home run. A Monster perhaps? What about a ST4S? Or maybe a Scrambler? They’re pretty good guesses, but you’d be wrong on all counts. See, this here slick-looking street tracker with serious canyon-carving abilities left the Bologna factory as a 2013 Hyperstrada. That’s right, a luggage-ladened touring motard styled from a dirt bike became this.

“Redesigning motorcycles is what the BCR team really looks forward to,” says shop owner Benjie Flipprboi. “The planning process, the creativity involved; it’s these things that let us open the doors of the BCR shop every day with enthusiasm for what we do”.

The team had recently been commissioned to customise a 2013 Ducati Hyperstrada into something that was more aggressive and lighter, but with a similar riding position. Or as the BCR customer briefed the shop, “A bike that will be ridden regularly in canyon-style road courses and on track days”.


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