Morgan announced the end of 3 wheeler production with special edition P101.

      The 3 wheeler had a ten year production run, short for Morgan. What does this mean for the future?

      2w ago


      Today Morgan told the world the end of the Morgan Three Wheeler. A special edition of 33 P101 cars will be built. Mainly cosmetic changes, but they add up to a really unique and interesting vehicle.

      The morgan 3 wheeler is the best worst car

      There has always been something pure and amazing about the 3 wheeler. Sure it is not practical, or sensible. It obviously has limitations. There is not a huge amount of value or logic applied to it. Rumors were that it retained most of the unreliability that hand made British vehicles are known for. But did any of that ever matter?

      In my eyes, no.

      Emotion is something intangible. it is something that need not be explained in the same way you explain buying a Civic. I have always adored the Morgan. I can think of few vehicles that offer more universal fun.

      Details are slim on to the rational for ending production, but the press released talked about the engine. Has the supply of the S&S V Twin motor become and issue? Will there be a replacement engine on the next generation of the 3 wheeler?

      Morgan pulled the plug on the fully electric version a while back.

      The P101 comes in an array of interesting graphics packages, super cool Hella lights and very attractive disk wheels. All options that will be bespoke to the P101.

      What are your thoughts Morgan's move?

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      • Three wheelers have never been my cup of tea, but I am sad to see such a unique vehicle be discontinued. Out of all of the three wheeled options out there, the Morgan is the one I would choose. It is truly one of a kind and you do not exactly buy a vehicle like that with reliability, practicality or efficiency high on the requirements list now do you.

          16 days ago
      • I’ve always wanted one but I might get a Vanderhall instead.

          15 days ago


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