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Morgan enters a new era with aluminium chassis for hybrid and electric cars

First time in 83 years!

1y ago

Revolution at Morgan's! For the year 2020, the English brand will start a new chapter in its history. The retro design of the vehicles will remain unchanged. It is the invisible technical part that undergoes a historical transformation. Indeed, this will be the first time Morgan has adopted aluminium chassis!

The new Morgan Plus Six, presented at the Geneva Motor Show, gave a preview of these technologies. It is the very first Morgan based on an aluminium chassis internally named "CX-Generation". This new architecture will be used in future models, which abandon the historic steel frame with ash wood used since 1936.

This new aluminium structure will bring many advantages. First of all, it is 100 kg lighter than the old platform. It is also more rigid and will allow the installation of new electronic wiring that is much more complex than on current models. This will allow for the first time the introduction of advanced driving assistance systems and modern equipment.

This platform will also and above all ensure the arrival of new hybrid and electric engines. These will surely be applied on the successors of the 4/4, Plus 4 and V6 Roadster. The new 2.0 L twin-turbo four-cylinder from the BMW M135i will join the range next year.

Photo credits Morgan

Photo credits Morgan

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Comments (4)

  • If you want "advanced driving assistance systems and modern equipment." buy something that's not a Morgan and leave it alone and let it be a drivers car.

      1 year ago
  • I applaud Morgan for doing something different. I know a lot of the old guys are probably going to cry in their tweed scarves but that's progress. And I still think the soul of the old cars will still be there.

      1 year ago
    • But they aren't doing anything different anymore, they do what everyone else does. They were doing something different before.

        1 year ago
  • Go and visit the Morgan factory in Malvern near the Cotswolds, it's absolutely amazing!

      1 year ago