Considering Morgan is about as old school and British as a company can possibly get, it was quite alarming to see an all-electric vehicle unveiled on its stand at the 2016 Geneva Motor Show. It wasn't just another generic EV to add into the mix however - it was called the EV3 and was a futuristic version of its crazy little three-wheeler.

Jump nearly two years down the line and the EV3 concept is now ready to enter production at Morgan's Malvern factory, thanks to a technical partnership with Frazer-Nash Energy Systems.

It brings many firsts to the table for the company - of course, it will be the first production Morgan to be powered by an electric motor, and it will also be the first car to be released from the factory floor wearing composite body panels.

As a result of the tech partnership, the production EV3 will feature an all-new architecture, an improved torque output, a stiffer chassis and a battery mounted as low as possible beneath the car's skin. Within the tubular space frame chassis is a 21 kWh lithium-ion battery and a liquid-cooled 34.8kW (41.8kW peak) electric motor driving the single rear wheel. That's 46-55bhp in UK speak; plenty for a car of these proportions.

It will stick with the minuscule bike tyres found on the petrol-powered three-wheeler, meaning that cornering grip is at a premium. Once those sidewalls are stretched to their limit, you better be ready for some 'characterful' cornering behaviour, contributing towards exactly what buying such an exclusive and different car is all about.

The EV3 will have a range of 120 miles which should be more than enough for a quick weekend blast. Morgan also claims that the production EV3 is anticipated to have comparable performance figures to its petrol sibling, although if sheer performance is what you're after, there's plenty of equally priced hardcore track kit on the market instead.

It'll enter production in the third quarter of 2018 and should very much be seen as a weekend toy for someone who yearns for a bit of restomodded vintage in their life. With cities and local councils beginning to strangle the internal combustion engine into extinction, companies are beginning to throw electric powertrains in just about anything these days.

Heck, Jaguar has conceptualised an electric E-Type, and the EV3 from Morgan will continue that vibe of bringing the classic car life into a world that will soon completely sanction any use of pistons and a spark plug.

Does this form of electrification work for you though? Should companies be putting cutting edge technology into timeless designs like the three-wheeler and the E-Type? Comment with your thoughts below!

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